Mission & Vision


Our mission is to empower women, children and marginalized groups by facilitating their advancement through education, career training, access to technology, and advocacy.


We envision a world in which parity across genders, classes and ethnic groups is the norm rather than the exception. Seeking parity among people as they coexist in societies with limited resources and opportunities leads to everyone engaging on equal footing, regardless of status or life’s obstacles.  Leveling the field in the short term increases workforce inclusion of and economic power for those who have historically been left out. In the long term, it strengthens and amplifies the voices of those peoples in their societies, and increases their role in the governance of their societies.

What a leveled playing field looks like:

  • Women have the same career opportunities as men in technology and business fields.
  • Girls have the same exposure STEM subjects and entrepreneurialism is boys.
  • Marginalized peoples have the same access to paths to economic independence as mainstream members of society.

When we all have access to more opportunities, the paths created can change the trajectory of our lives. Parity for all is at the root of all that we do.